Make a Christmas snow globe


Christmas is almost upon us, yay! So here is a festive activity showing you how to make your own sparkly snow globe.


Sometimes a task might be dangerous, so you really have to take care. Please promise you won’t play around with this stuff, unless an adult is there.

Follow the instructions I’ve written, and if you get stuck then please ask. I’m happy to help, just send me a mail, I do love a puzzling task.

You will need:


  • 1 x Jam jar
  • 1 x Tub of glitter
  • 1 x Jug of water
  • 1 x Christmas model
  • 1 x Tube of glue

Optional extras

  • 1 x Can of tonic water
  • 1 x Tub of glycerin


  1. First you’ll need a jam jar, wash it nice and clean.

  2. Make or find a model, that you wish to be seen.

  3. Glue the model in the lid, and leave until it’s dry.

  4. Then pour some glitter in the jar, to make your snowy sky.

  5. Fill with water to the top, and screw the lid down tight.

  6. Shake the globe, then set it down, for a lovely christmas sight.

Optional extra instructions:

  1. To make the snow globe better, there are some things to alter. The fluid used inside the jar, can be swapped for tonic water.

  2. Shaking fizzy tonic, is a mess, you won’t want that. So open a few days before, and let it all go flat.

  3. At night time when it’s much too dark to see the sparkly snow. Put a light behind the globe, and make the fluid glow!

  4. If you wish to slow the snow, and stop it falling fast. Add glycerin to the liquid, it’ll make the snowstorm last.

Further ideas:

Perhaps you could investigate and answer the following:

  • Why does the the tonic water glow when light is placed behind the jar?
  • Why does the glycerin slow down the glitter?

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Published in the December edition of Dartford Living magazine.