Ant farm


How to make an ant farm.

Things needed


  • 1 x Large glass jar

  • 1 x Small glass jar (fits inside large jar)

  • 1 x Cup of soil

  • 1 x Cup of sand

Tools and equipment:

  • Small drill
  • Honey
  • Water


  1. Place the lid on the small jar, and place inside the large jar.
  2. Collect some soil from your garden and mix with sand (2 parts soil, 1 part sand).
  3. Put the soil / sand mix into the gap between the small jar and the large jar, leaving a 2 cm gap at the top.
  4. Collect some ants from your garden or local park, and put them carefully on top of the soil, and screw the lid onto the large jar.
  5. Ask an adult to drill or punch some small holes in the lid, so that the ants have air.
  6. You can feed your ants every few days with a drop of honey and a couple of drops of water.
  7. Place your ant farm somewhere cool and dark.
  8. When you are not looking at your ant farm, cover it with some dark material. 


The ants will live approximately 2-3 weeks without a queen ant (which is their natural life span). 

Further ideas:

You can purchase an ant farm kit online if you would like to see their reproductive cycle. 

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Published in the August edition of Dartford Living magazine.